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With ARMED! v1.2, you may now choose one of three search modes for the Ranked game matchmaking system: Live, Casual, or Any.

Live matches are intended to be played from start to conclusion 'live'. There are time limits during deployment so that the pace remains fast. Leaving a Live match (or closing ARMED!) will count as a loss.

Casual matches do not have time limits during deployment and leaving/resuming is allowed. However they are still ranked and games waiting for your move for several days will eventually count as a loss.

Choosing 'Any' will first search for a 'live' opponent. If none are found, it will then look for 'casual' matches which have only one player. If none are found, a new one will be created. A newly created match will allow you to play your first turn while still waiting for an opponent. At that point it is no longer required that you stay in the game; the next player who searches will be placed into your game and you will receive a notification (and status change on Quick Start) when they have moved.