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When playing a 'Live' Match, both players make deployment actions at the same time, within a 50 second time limit. However, as soon as one player finishes their deployment, the other player's time left is reduced to 15 seconds. This mechanic is to reduce the time spent waiting on the other player and keep things moving quickly.

With this in mind, it is an important skill for a Ranked player to be quick and precise in doing what needs to be done! Here are a few tips:

  • Use double-tap shortcuts for building units! Double tap a factory to bring up the purchase screen and double tap the vehicle portrait there to buy it.
  • Use double-tap to select all on-screen units of the same type! Need to path all your tanks to somewhere? Double tap on one and they are all selected, now path. Need one to go somewhere else? Select it and path it individually afterward.
  • Use factory rally points! Before starting to spam offensive units, drag out a path from your factory, all units built will be given that path. Even if you don't want every single unit to go exactly there, you can pull individuals out of the pack on the way by giving them their own path.
  • Try using Unit Group buttons! Units can be assigned to one of four groups using the buttons in the lower left (hold the button and tap or double tap on units to add or remove them). Also if you add a Factory to a group, all units produced from that factory will be added to the group.