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When a game starts, it is a RACE to capture as many resource tiles as you can. It is very important to capture all resources which are closer to your HQ than your opponent.  And if the map features any resources which are equal distant to both players, you MUST put up a fight for them early and often.

As you hold a resource tile its income per turn gradually increases. Therefore, losing a resource will not immediately give your opponent as many resources as it was for you, but even if it is retaken, your income will be damaged for some time.

In general, once your opponent has more income than you, it won't be long until you are overwhelmed by sheer numbers!

Here are some tips for capturing resources ASAP:

Build either one or two Factories on turn one. If you built one, build the Reactor upgrade on turn two. In either case, build as many Drones as you can on turn 2 and 3 and path each one to capture a different Power Station.

Path your Drones before ending the turn! Construction will finish about halfway through the combat round and you want them to begin moving immediately.

You can control which side of the Factory a vehicle will appear by assigning a rally point to the Factory beforehand. In some cases this can shorten the travel-distance by one.

Drag out multiple waypoints for your Drones so that as soon as they finish capturing they begin heading towards a new location. But do not leave Power unguarded for long or a stray enemy Drone may capture it from you.