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1.6 Release Notes And Price Drop!

ARMED! 1.6 has passed certification for Windows Phone 7 and will begin to appear in the marketplace within the next 24 hours.  Oh... and ARMED! is now $2.99 for all. :)

The Windows 8 release of 1.6 has delayed by a week or two, but will be out as soon as possible.


  • The game over screen has been completely redesigned.
  • Surrendering now has its own game finishing sequence.
  • New presentation of matchmaking results.
  • Gameplay HUD now includes back/pause button.
  • Gameplay pause screen redesigned.
  • Added logo/title/back badge across all game screens.
  • New alert notification voice overs.


  • Matchmaking live search now continues until a match is found or it is stopped.
  • We tweaked the camera control physics for pan and rotate.
  • Camera zoom now has some momentum and bounce.
  • We now continue to animate the camera during game over sequence.
  • Moved matchmaking screen AD to top right corner.
  • The particle system now shares index buffers reducing memory usage.
  • We now play a sound when a live match is found during matchmaking.
  • We now disable the WP7 lock screen during matchmaking search.
  • We hide the Back/Replay/Timescale buttons during the game over sequence.
  • You now "surrender" a multiplayer game instead of "forfeit".
  • We now show the published date on news items.
  • Slider controls now react better to input.
  • We now have a brighter disabled text color.
  • Added mech death animation.
  • Matchmaking screen now shows a 'Stop' button when searching.
  • General optimizations to garbage generation for reduced memory usage and collection.
  • The "Riverted" level has foliage cover in areas that were previously missing.
  • The "Deserted" level was updated with detailed texture work and more saturation to the overall look.
  • The "Vilecano" level has lighter coloring near the brim of the volcanos and more trees in the soft cover areas.
  • The "Sn0wned" level has texture improvements to more clearly define mountainous and unplayable areas.
  • Projectiles no longer emit particles at their origin.
  • Made big performance improvements in AI pathfinding.
  • Units will now prefer to path which is visually more direct towards their destination.
  • Now all AI difficulties will decide to send units on patrol if there is nothing to attack.
  • AI will now end its deployment early if it wants to build a factory, but fails do to not being able to afford it.
  • AI now prefers patrolling around locations which are threatened.
  • We added an acknowledge step for all turns sent to the server with periodic retries until we get confirmation.
  • Vehicles now are rotated to face their rally path direction on creation.
  • Units now visually pick a more logical rotation direction on construction.
  • Flame thrower particles now have a starting random rotation.
  • We now scale the pick box on units based on camera distance for better selection.
  • The pick box for non-flying units is now extended downward to the terrain height.
  • We now use the selectron instead of the pick box for the start of path dragging operations.
  • Tweaked visual selectron size for all units.
  • Units now logically move into a tile when they reach the halfway point of walk duration.
  • Units following other units are now processed after the leader unit.
  • Units following other units will now pause several moves before reacting when that unit moves.
  • Units are now still processed during the move in which they are destroyed making simultaneously kills possible.
  • Optimized out unseen polys on some units.
  • Tweaked fog tile elevation across all maps.
  • Unit shadows now animate their position.
  • Mech shockwave art improvements.
  • Improvements to bug reporting.


  • Fixed desyncs caused by unstable sorts.
  • Removed floating point calculations which cause desyncs from unit target selection.
  • Fixed desync by converting path neighbor ratings to use integer math.
  • Fixed some incorrect event handlers causing stuck matches.
  • Removed unwanted beep from the end of the gameplay music track.
  • Fixed periodic crash caused by collection modification in a foreach.
  • Fixed a bunch of memory leaks causing out of memory errors after dozens of play sessions.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause music volume to be changed when leaving a game.
  • Fixed issue where the game would get stuck in an infinite loop when the game ended.
  • Fixed crash when updating leaderboard entries after leaderboard screen was exited.
  • Fixed a replay determinism issue do to AI repathing units immediately after the reload.
  • Fixed bug that allowed users to back out of buy screens on the tutorial.
  • Fixed crash caused by too many open matches by adding a maximum to the list from the server.
  • AI will now stop building ground units from factories at locations which do not have ground paths enemy controlled locations.
  • AI will now repath units which it believes are stuck.
  • AI will no longer get stuck if all factories fail to build.
  • AI will no longer path units to locations which they can never reach.
  • Fixed "Riverted" level build locations to solve stuck factory case.
  • Fixed the small camera pan that would occur prior to a path node drag operation starting.
  • Fixed interpolation jerk with evading drones.
  • Fixed visual jaggies in the rocket projectile ribbon trail.
  • Fixed a path node selection when there was greater than one node in the same tile.
  • Fixing an issue with cluster not visually aiming upward when firing at distant targets.
  • Fixed cluster attack which was not causing hit units to burn or igniting the destination tile.

Thanks for playing ARMED!



Reader Comments (4)

It's been more than 24 hours. Can a brother get a hit already?

August 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBrutal Enema

I really enjoy this game... why did you put more maps or DLC (Download Content)??

It will be nice if you add the xbox live archivement...

Is a good game...

August 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHiram

If we have Armed! for Win8 now will we have to pay for it in the future?

September 1, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersuperjaws

When will the new combat arenas be released in the update for the WP7 version?

September 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGuest
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