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1.7 Released

ARMED! 1.7 has passed certification and is now starting to appear in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.  This release was focused mainly on bug fixes...  more specifically on fixing desync bugs in multiplayer.

We're planning on shipping 1.7 for Windows 8 in the next week which will allow cross-platform play.  We have also started work on 1.8 which will introduce new gameplay features and maps.  The iOS beta is still in the works, but has taken a back seat due to some performance optimization and fixes.

Here is the change log for 1.7:


  • New animated skybox for Flotilla level.
  • Added small vibration when an opponent is found for a ranked game.
  • Added Portuguese translations.
  • New level select screen art.
  • New background art for splash and buy screens.


  • Added beta testers to the credits page.
  • Made tutorial easier to finish. 
  • We now automatically pan the camera in the tutorial to better see important locations.
  • Updated some translations.
  • Combat music now obeys music volume.
  • While showing a modal tutorial information boxes, we now consume input to prevent unwanted user-action, also transitioning out hud controls.
  • Adjusted the feel of edge scroll.
  • Improved creation of paths off of small units like the drone.
  • You can no longer accidentally remove a rally path when double tapping a factory.
  • Balance improvement... cost of Striker increased from 125 to 150.
  • We now slide out the gameplay HUD while a buy/upgrade/special screen is open.
  • We now center pivot menus vertically as well as horizontally.
  • Screen margins used for touch based zoom/rotate are now equal in size.
  • Moved alert notifications to be on top of the hud.
  • News feed now shows the "BUY ARMED!" link every third RSS entry.
  • Combat alerts now smoothly pan the camera when tapped.
  • Bunch of improvements to our internal stress testing system to help find desyncs.
  • Animated skies now animate during deployment.
  • Most UI and hud elements are now using uncompressed textures resulting in better quality.
  • Improved event logging system for better tracking causes of desyncs.
  • Tweaked all menu and UI art to be more blue and less aqua.
  • We now move the camera position to show the current selectable tiles, selectable units, or unit selection if they are offscreen.


  • Fixed spacing between rank and name in leaderboard screen.
  • Fixed missing tree in Riverted.
  • Fixed the layout of custom match screen.
  • The time/money hud element no longer flickers when changing to the remote player.
  • Fixed a case where the tutorial would get stuck if the user built more than 2 units before the step in which they are told to group them.
  • Units standing next to power stations which are capturable will now ALWAYS capture it, previously only occurred if standing on a buildable tile (or pathed directly to the station).
  • Hud flickering on group selection issue is now fixed.
  • Removed the time/money control from the pause transition.
  • Fix for bug that caused the grouping control transition to flicker when tapped.
  • Fixing tap to select while in group/temp select mode again.
  • Fixing double-tap to trigger buy again.
  • Fixed strikers continuing to render their tracer beams after being destroyed.
  • Desynch fix for path nodes targeting units, if that target is shared by multiple units.
  • Fixed repair to not send damage notification events.
  • Fixed case where player could modify the path of an enemy unit.
  • Striker now displays the correct icon above it's head while doing it's special.
  • Fixed layout bug in Sickhead splash screen.
  • Fixed desync caused by not sharing paths on the remote client the same as we do on the local client.
  • Fixed desync caused by allowing a path drag operation to modify a path after leaving the deployment phase.
  • Fixed a few different tutorial crash bugs.
  • Fixed case where if unit path was targeted to itself it would not advance to the next node.
  • Fixed crash caused when following a targeted unit.
  • Fixed bugs exposed by very bad network connections.

 Thanks for playing ARMED!

Reader Comments (2)

This game is pinned to start... Not only do you make a great game, Sickhead keeps updates coming consistently giving the true meaning of professionals to the people... Thanks for the creation...

September 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTerrell NemesisforLife

Great game! The only problem is waiting,sometime,when I play online player never pass the turn. Not sure if player leaves the game,or paus it,but it just seet there and says "waiting for player turn" :( ...so after 5 min i have to leave,and it is happens a lot.


Thanks for good game

November 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSasha
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