ARMED! Privacy Policy

We aim to collect the minimum amount of information necessary to provide a good game experience.  For the most part, information is collected automatically as part of running the game.  The only information we collect directly tied to you as an individual is your e-mail address, and then only when you contact us through a support request on our site.

Information We Collect

Customers may opt in to being sent push notifications, as well as provide us with an e-mail address when they submit support requests from our site.

Mobile Customers

For our mobile customers, we currently collect the version of the game you’re running, your locale setting, your Scoreloop login, as well as information on the model of mobile device and its operating system and firmware versions. We also collect a platform-provided anonymous user ID.

Windows 8 Customers

For Windows 8 app store customers, we collect the version of the game you’re running, your locale setting, and the fact that you’re running Windows 8. When you first run the game, you are assigned a random unique ID.

How We Collect Your Information

The game automatically updates your information with our server when you launch the game with an active network connection.

Customers using the support form on the ARMED! web site are required to submit their e-mail address to get a response.

How Do We Use Your Information

The information we collect is used to find compatible multiplayer games with other players and provide services such as ratings, leaderboards, and push notification.

Anonymous unique user IDs and display names (such as a Scoreloop name) are used as a reference for communicating with other players. No other information is shared with anyone.

Mobile Customers

Device information is used to correlate bug reports with specific types of devices and to create workarounds for those devices as necessary.

Your Control Over Your Information

For privacy concerns or data removal requests, you may contact us at any time using our support form:

How We Protect Your Information

We use strong encryption between your game and our server, as well as our server and its databases. We also limit access of your information within our company.